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Reflexology is well known all over the world. It has helped so many people over come so many ailments and help in their lives.
I am one of those people that have benefited from reflexology. As a baby I suffered with severe Asthma which warranted lots of medication including inhalers. A friend of the family was a reflexologist and so my parents decided to try it out. Now bear in mind this was in the 80's when Conventional medicine was all that people thought worked. Alternative therapies and medicine was not widely used at that time but thankfully my parents decided to try it out. After a number of sessions of reflexology over a few months, I no longer needed inhalers and to this day I've never had a reoccurance of asthma that I suffered so badly with as a baby. I will always be grateful for the fact my parents give me a chance to breatheĀ naturally.
In 2000 I decided to train as a reflexologist. I know it worked for me and so I wanted to give others the chance and benefit of trying it out. I have treated people from 2 weeks old up to 87 year old people and thankfully I have had great success with them.
Reflexology can be used for any ailment from flus and colds, backache, asthma, infertility as well as many thousands of others. It is also excellent and highly recommended during pregnancy and labour as I have experienced twice myself.
Why not try it for yourself and reap the benefits of a healthier life.
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